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Boston Marathon Bombing

Boston Marathon Bombing


We all stopped to watch the TV and were reading the articles.  A bomb (later to find out 2) had gone off near the finish line at the annual Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013.  So many questions occupied our minds.  Who did this?  Why?  How many people are involved?  What’s next?  Just hours later, we slowly start hearing the information the police are gathering hoping to answer all of these questions.  At the moment of writing this, only 5 days after the explosions when we knew nothing, we have already figured out who the main suspects were and have killed one and captured the other.  Merica.

There are a couple of thoughts that I’ve had after seeing the events transpire over the last few days and learning more about the background of these two individuals.  First off, we’ve learned how amazing of a tool the internet can be in tracking down these sorts of criminals.  From cell phone videos that captured the bombs going off live to other videos just showing the many faces who were participating, we were able to see nearly every angle of what was taking place right where it happened.  Then after the police watched hours of footage from such videos as well as surveillance footage from local stores, they were actually able to pin the suspects down to two guys and had very good looks at both of them.  What do you do then?  Let the internet work.  I’m sure it was almost a matter of minutes from the time they released the images of the two men before people online were sharing it and calling local authorities saying that they knew the men. Now nearly everyone in Boston has a clear visual of these two men so that they can’t sneak around anywhere.  It’s astonishing to me what our society can do with the tools we have at our disposal if we just use them to bring good to this world instead of evil.  I’m sure the police after some time may have found these men thanks to the surveillance video, but who knows if they’d have gotten to them as quickly and who knows if there was another plot planned soon after?  So for that, I congratulate all Boston citizens for their efforts in helping the po po find these men and bringing them down quickly.

One thing that I think people need to remember, and hopefully through interrogation of the captured suspect we’ll discover, is that this isn’t a guaranteed 2-man job.  It’s definitely possible that although these 2 men may have been the only ones to lay their backpacks down on that day, a dozen more could have been involved in the planning and staging of this event.  It is definitely a time of rejoicing for capturing these men, but it’s not time to let our guard down yet.  There is still plenty of evil out there and more people just like these two who want to commit harmful acts on innocent lives for absurd reasons.  We should never live in fear of going somewhere or doing something due to the threat of one of these lunatics, but we should always be aware of our surroundings and pay attention to suspicious activity.  It is our duty as citizens to protect this country as well just as the police do, only we report the incident and let them carry out the punishment.

My last thought may not be a very popular one.  I feel a tremendous amount of pain and remorse for the lives that were lost on the day those bombs went off, as well as their families.  Also many others had their livelihoods taken away from them whenever they lost extremities during the blast.  For those people, their lives will never be the same and again I feel absolutely terrible about.  The third person or group of people that I feel absolutely terrible for, are the two guys who committed these acts, especially the youngest suspect who has been captured.  These guys were 26 and 19 years of age, and because of a twisted belief system they held, they felt that this was a justified act to kill innocent lives.  These guys were around my age, one barely having graduated high school, and here they are committing this horrendous act of terror.  As I watched the news coverage after the oldest brother had been killed and the 19 year old was still on the run, I couldn’t help but think about what must be going through his head.  He obviously believed in what he was doing because he carried out this act to the fullest, but I can’t help but wonder what he may have been thinking now that he was alone and without his brother, probably who he saw as his leader of sorts.  I’m sure they both went into this not desiring death, but willing to embrace it if death were to come from it.  After the older brother died though and the 19 year old was laying in that boat in serious condition suffering from gunshot wounds, I can’t help but wonder what was going through his head.  Did the reality of death being so close frighten him yet? Or was he still aimlessly seeking to destroy anything that went against his beliefs?  Did he cry and feel even the slightest bit of regret for what he had done?

Now that the young man has been captured, I truly hope that God will churn away at his heart and make him realize that what he has done is terribly wrong.  I hope that he will give the police and authorities all the information that he knows so that they can maybe capture anyone else who may have been involved as well as have more insight into possible future events.  I do believe this kid should have to spend the rest of his life in prison if not given the death penalty, but that in the process he will find the true God who is of love and not this unreasonable violence.  Seeing the people of Boston get out and praise the police forces who had worked relentlessly to capture these men and keep the surrounding cities safe was truly astounding, as well as their unison singing of our national anthem.  This land is a great land founded on great principles.  If we could only unite within to resolve the problems we face instead of constantly bickering among each other, it’s scary to think how prosperous and wonderful this country would be.

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