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Christians: The Downfall of America

Yes you read that right.  And yes, I am a proclaiming Christian.  Confused yet?  Let me clarify.

In the last few decades, we have seen this country take a major nose dive when it comes to cultural morality.  In the Christian church, we talk about how it all began in 1973 after the Supreme Court passed Roe vs Wade legalizing abortion.  Or maybe it was back in 1962 when we decided to take prayer and the Bible out of public schools.  Or maybe it was more recent in 1992 when in California, a nativity scene on public land was replaced with a $500,000 statue of an Aztec god.  Or the more likely answer, it happened whenever church members began compromising their ideals and twisting God’s word into what best suited their lifestyle, only for society to see it and mock them.

Recently in the United States, we’ve seen all this discussion of issues such as, but not limited to, abortion and marriage equality.  Many proclaiming Christians that I have seen have taken one of two stances: they’re either supporting these things in an attempt to say they aren’t being judgmental, or they’re angrily in protest of such acts.  Both of these actions deeply sadden me.  I saw a post the other day that while I was reading, I was feeling very uplifted by what this pastor was saying, until the very end whenever my heart just sank.  Here’s what it had to say…

Christian Pastor

The first point I want to make about this statement is that this pastor ought to be very aware of what the Bible actually says about homosexuality before he gets behind the pulpit.  Heck, just do a Google search dude.  The Bible (yes that includes the New Testament) CLEARLY describes how homosexuality is not only a sin, but has consequences internally as well as from God (Romans 1:18-32).  So to this pastor and every other person claiming to be a Christian, I advise you to get into God’s word and pray diligently about this so that God may reveal to you His truths.  We are to love our neighbor absolutely and I do love the homosexuals that I know, however I cannot support their actions any more than I would support abortion, divorce, or adultery.

Wait, divorce?  Adultery?  That hit a little too close to home.  Yes, the very same people who will come out and throw these big angry protests over abortion and homosexuality, are the same ones who stand by idly as their own loved ones, church members, and friends are getting wrapped up in adultery leading to divorce.  But where are the protests?  Where are the church members up in arms ready to pass some law banning all kinds of divorce?  They aren’t there, and it’s because the church doesn’t want to have to deal with their own shortcomings, so they just tear those pages from their Bibles as if they never existed.  Isn’t it funny how the modern church is ready to condemn all the non-church members for being homosexuals, abortionists, liars, etc. and they have forgotten that they are the same sinners?  Yeah you hear it all the time in church, “Yes I know I’m a sinner” but you might as well be telling that girl you’ve been dating for two weeks that you love her.  It’s just as empty a phrase.  And why are we as Christians in America so confused as to why the world around us hates us? We think it’s because the Bible says that we will be persecuted for doing right and we should rejoice in our persecution, but for the majority of us that couldn’t be further from the truth!  The world around us hates the Christian church because we judge some actions, yet overall we live EXACTLY like everyone else in greed, lust, drunkenness, anger, etc.  We are no different than anyone else and we rarely try to be.  Our favorite card is, “Yeah well I’m not perfect and I make mistakes” which is absolutely true!  However, when we continually fall into the same sins of the world over and over, we’ve completely missed the point of why Jesus came.  He didn’t come to serve as a safety net so that we could live our lives as we please with no consequences to our actions, but rather he came to serve as the ultimate sacrifice for the times when we are serving him diligently yet still manage to unintentionally fail him.  If you go into a situation where you know you are doing wrong, yet think it will be excused because God is loving and forgiving, you’ve been mislead.  Repentance isn’t simply asking forgiveness for the same sin over and over.  Repentance is turning away from that sin with no intention of ever returning to it.

So what’s this rant all about huh?  You feeling pretty high and mighty Zachary?  Think you’re better than all the other Christians out there?  Absolutely not.  Every day for me right now is a literal struggle battling with sin that I’ve allowed to invade my life and for so long have grown numb to.  I’m fighting an every day battle to rid myself of things that I’ve known all along wasn’t pleasing God however I found some excuse to try to rationalize why it was ok.  I mean it’s not like I’m harming others right?  I could be doing a lot worse right?  So wrong.  It’s time that I and every other person in this country who puts the Christian tag on ourselves to stop lying to ourselves, to others, and trying to lie to God.  It’s time to stop being lukewarm and riding the fence.  It’s time to quit wearing and talking about a cross that we don’t take up daily.  We can’t serve two masters.  We can’t serve ourselves and our sinful desires of this world and serve God at the same time.  If we are to truly be Christians and be the salt of the Earth as Jesus called His church to be, then it is imperative that we start today before we corrupt this country any further.  It’s time to quit trying to mold and sculpt God’s teaching to align more with the world and rather love others and try to convince others why they should live more like Christ.  Christ isn’t out there picketing funerals or threatening damage and terror on abortion clinics and those who support homosexuality, but he’s loving everyone as the children of God they are.  Christ did affiliate himself with sinners, but when He did, He didn’t participate in their sin.  The majority of the time they changed their lives to look more like His.  If you are unsure of exactly what it means to live like Christ and where He stands on certain issues, I invite you to introduce yourself to the New Testament where I’ve yet to find many issues uncovered, because the same questions we’re asking today are the ones people were asking Jesus and his disciples 2,000 years ago.  It’s time for an awakening or revival before this great country turns out like every other superpower we’ve ever known: broken and corrupted with immorality which leads to destruction from the inside out.  Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  Although we live in what has been the greatest country on Earth, it isn’t going to last forever if we continue to allow such corruption which starts in our church.  If you are going to be hated and rebuked, be hated and rebuked for the same reason that Jesus and his disciples were: for no reason at all other than you talk about and teach about Jesus.

*This message is not entirely of my own doing, but was inspired from many different people which ultimately ends up pointing to Christ.  I claim no authority over this message as my own, but rather one that I’ve prayed is God’s.

*Song is called “Tug of War” by Andy Mineo.  Full lyrics can be found here

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