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I’m Still Bleeding (Sticks and Stones)

“Every hurt shows we’re mortal, and every scar has a story, every story has a moral.  Every memory’s a portal to the past pain, and most of the time it’s caused by somebody with your last name.”

“I Never Loved You”, “Go to Hell”, “You’re Useless”, “You’re Not Good Enough”, “I Wish You Were Dead”, “You’re Nothing But A (Expletive to demean women)”, “You’re Just Like Your (Insert family member here)”

We hear it all the time right?  “Oh man, it’s just words don’t let that bother you.”  “Just remember, ‘Sticks and Stones…'”  But we’ve all been there.  We’ve all been the victim of someone’s harsh words and we’ve also at times probably been the culprit.  One of the most heartbreaking and disappointing use of words to hurt people that I’ve seen has been in dating relationships.  I’m afraid to even count the number of times I’ve heard of young ladies getting talked to like they were trash to be thrown out.  The most frightening detail of the situation though is whenever the girl in her pain believes all of the lies she’s being told and continues to stick with the guy thinking that it’s what she deserves.

Or what about the child who has been given every opportunity by their parent(s) and has been the beneficiary of every sacrifice made for their well-being, yet continually treats that parent as if they’re a burden on the child’s life and only comes around whenever he/she needs something?

And on the flip side, the parent who is constantly berating the child who is doing everything he/she can to please their parent and to be successful in this life, only to be constantly told how worthless they are and how they’ll never amount to anything more than the parent is.

I was really captivated by this song because you can just feel the emotion pouring out from someone who obviously has a lot of scars left by words from those he loved and trusted.  There are so many examples we can think of where words are used to bring people down, and the ones spoken by the people who are closest to us are the ones that always hurt the most.  Why is it that before we speak, we can’t think about the impact that our words are going to have on others and how it may affect them?  How many cases of bullying gone too far, teen suicides, verbally abusive relationships (which often times can lead to physically abusive), etc do we have to witness before we get the message?  WORDS HURT!  Can we please make the conscious effort to stop and think about what we’re going to say and how it may affect others before we start spouting off at or about someone.  And can we PLEASE keep that kind of defamation off of the internet and social media for hundreds or thousands of people to see?  We always think that we see the whole picture only to learn that we only read the first chapter of that person’s book.  You never know what someone else is going through and what kind of impact your words may have.  Let’s show love instead and follow a basic principle we all learned growing up: The Golden Rule.

“God used words to create this planet so be careful with them.”

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