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What better way to start off a conversation than a formal introduction?  If you want one of those, there’s a generic About Me page listed a few tabs over.  For my first blog post though, I thought I’d give you a little more in depth look at who I am as well as discuss what is to come in the future for this website.

A month or so ago, my boss kept discussing this personality profile he took online that categorized him into one of the 16 personality types in this world as constructed by Carl Yung.  As skeptical as we all can be about these types of things, I blew it off for the longest time like it was just another astrology type, broad description that really wouldn’t amount to anything.  After driving me crazy about taking it myself, I gave in and took the 70-80 question “test” if you will.  When I got back the results I was floored!  More than just a sentence, these people give a near essay describing exactly what type of individual I am, what motivates me in life, how I view the world, how I view relationships, what I look for in my friends, and more!  The very intriguing thing about it all though was that the things in my life that I’ve always wondered about myself and wondered if I was like others in the way I thought and viewed things was answered!  I learned that only 1% of the population has my personality type and that it is the rarest of all personality types.  One site shows you famous people who share the same personality type as you do and I was proud to see that I shared the same personality type as my two heroes: Jerry Seinfeld and Jesus.  Since then I have encouraged my family members and other friends to take it as well as an opportunity to learn more about themselves, their strengths and weaknesses, as well as read others profiles to maybe have a better understanding of who they are.  I think it could be a very useful tool in many different types of relationships and I know some churches and employers use these to better work and understand people.

If you would like to read the full synopsis on my personality type, visit and select the INFJ portrait..  I’ve found it to be about 90-95% accurate with the way I see myself and others who know me have agreed (no I have never had any types of psychic feelings).  Along with that site, there are many others as well which will give you mostly the same information but also may give a little more from a different angle.  It all may sound a little corny but I encourage anyone to take 10 minutes and take the test.  You have nothing to lose.  If you do decide to take it, I encourage you to share with me what your personality type is.  I’d love to read about what yours says about you and compare it to how I know you especially if we know each other fairly well.

To take the test, visit and you are to answer each question instinctively without giving much thought.  Obviously if you give them much thought, you may try to skew your results to what you want rather than who you are.  Once you have your result, then Google the profile type and there you have it.

Moving in different direction but staying with introduction, what you can expect from this site is my thoughts on subjects such as Faith, Politics, Thoughts about Life, Videos or Songs that move me, Quotes that inspire me, as well as anything else that may come up.  I always will appreciate your thoughts and opinions even if it is in disagreement with my views or opinions.  As long as everything stays clean and emotions are under control, I hope you’ll have input.

What I see for this website in the future is more pages that include a professional bio, some photo galleries, and any other creative ideas I think of or people suggest.  I’m always open for input so feel free to let me know if you have ideas.

Most of all I just really hope you enjoy the content and I strongly encourage any kind of feedback you feel like adding.  Thanks for visiting!



What a coincidence! I happen to be reading a book about this very topic – the Myers-Briggs Personality Types. So of course I had to take the “test” … I came out an ISFJ. The profile is pretty accurate but I take exception to one thing. My celebrity ISFJ-mates are Jimmy Carter, Frederic Chopin and Jane Fonda. (Clutch the pearls … I’m a closet liberal!!!) You get Jesus and I get Jimmy the Peanut. That sounds about right. 😉


Haha sorry about that. We’ll have to make sure Sharon keeps a close eye on you in the years to come.


Just found this researching INJF info, after finding out during a life crisis that I too fall into this category, and have always wondered why things seemed so different to me than others.
But – the thing that caught my attention was your title verse, so why I comment. In all that I’m reading on INFJ, which also describes me to a T, I find little on how to live out these things in a way that is pleasing to Christ. I can’t buy the “this is how I am so take it or leave it” I’ve found many places. The anger or frustration that has come from years of not being understood and trying to live like a different type isn’t excused that way. I’d like to think God made 1% of people this way for a reason to build His Kingdom, and to encourage a fellow 1%er to continually pursue Him.

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